• Dr. Rosa Junco

    When I came to the States from Venezuela I was already a practicing pediatrician, but as many other professionals that make the difficult decision to emigrate, one of the things I left behind was the privilege of doing the job I loved. I didn't know if I had lost it just for a while or for good. I didn't even know what steps I had to take to practice again.

    A few years later, as I finished my residency in New York, I started looking for a job in Miami. I wanted to move back with my family that had remained in South Florida during my training (making homemade meals a dream of the past!). My first interview was with Pediatric Associates. I liked them and they seemed to like me, and so I was hired. I cannot describe the joy I felt that first week every time I came out from one room to go to the next and saw toddlers escaping their parents' grasp and running to grab the colorful decorations on the wall, MAs evaluating the patients and preparing vaccines, and my own colleagues going about their business without giving a thought to how great it is doing what we do.

    What I like the most about Pediatric Associates is that we, as pediatricians, receive from day one of employment all the resources we need to thrive and succeed: A well trained group of supporting staff; beautiful, modern and clean facilities; and all the supplies and materials we need to take care of our patients efficiently and appropriately.

    I feel that after all the board reviewing, subway riding and many, many sleepless nights, I arrived at the right place. Finally, I am doing the thing I love the most. At Pediatric Associates, I found my home.

    The work we do is very rewarding because every day we are helping children and their families live healthier lives by educating, vaccinating and guiding them through their problems. We treat minor illnesses to allow them to return to school (and get mom and dad back to work). We help prevent chronic diseases like asthma, ADHD and obesity from stalling children's lives and damaging their futures. We are the families' counselors and the children's health guardians and advocates.

    In a time where the medical profession suffers from so much distrust and discredit, here at Pediatric Associates we are the real thing. We practice high quality medicine and we have all we need to help our patients to stay healthy and happy.

    Pediatric Associates has been successfully caring for children for over fifty years. Our practice is financially stable and continuously growing. Our new providers receive all the support and training they need. No one is left alone, and everyone is willing to help out. Every employee strives for excellence, and what is more, effort and hard work are always rewarded. If you are a hard-working pediatrician that loves your craft, this is the place for you.

    I believe we make a difference in the community we work in by practicing preventive medicine, vaccinating, educating our teens in regards to safe sexual practices and pregnancy prevention, and screening for mental illness and developmental delays. Every vaccine we administer and every valuable guidance advice we give helps prevent suffering, illness and possibly even death.

  • Dr. Christina Urena

    I was happily surprised to receive a call from Dr. Shulman, the chief medical officer at the time and present CEO, during my first 2 months with Pediatric Associates. He was calling to thank me for doing a good job during a busy sick season. It meant a lot to know that even from the top my dedication and hard work were noticed and appreciated. Twelve years later I still remember that conversation and that feeling of being supported by my boss and my peers is still in place today.

    The best advice I can give to a new recruit is to get to know your mentor. They are interested in getting to know you and want to help you to do well here at Pediatric Associates.

    Our strength is two-fold. First and foremost we continue to thrive because we continue to show care and compassion towards our patients. We really love our kids!! Secondly, we strive to understand practice trends and to be wise in our decisions to grow and support our practice. This has helped us ride the waves of managed care in the past and will help us to do well in the future.

    We are different because we continually strive towards Excellence in our care and knowledge. We support each other in being up to date and finding best practices that really work. Because of our size (yes this is a good thing) we are able to initiate innovative programs that a small practice might not have the man power or support to accomplish. One of our most recent accomplishments is being the first in the area to achieve Patient Centered Medical Home qualifications at the highest level.

    The best part of being a provider at Pediatric Associates is the camaraderie and collegiality of the practice. We have fun together, share interesting cases with each other and trust each other to care for our patients. It makes practicing more enjoyable and interesting. I love being a part of this group!

  • Dr. Andrew Reiss

    I have loved working at Pediatric Associates for the last 12 years. Everything I have ever been told or promised from our company's leaders was exactly as they said and they have always stood by their word. One of those things I was told was that I should not look at what kind of insurance a patient has in my medical decision making.

    I was told to "just do the right thing" for the patient, and the company will worry about the billing. Not only is that still true to this day, but it is something I am proud about and I teach to our newer physicians. I love the collegiality and academic environment we have and look forward to many more years with Pediatric Associates.

  • Dr. James Rodriguez

    I have been working with PA for 2 years now, I have been most impressed by the cohesiveness of such a large group of providers and offices. Everyone works hard and is always willing to help out their colleagues at the first available opportunity. The attention to provider development, professionalism and education is what stands out most in my mind. You just don't get this working with any other pediatric practice!

  • Dr. Moises Haratz

    The most pleasant surprise about working at Pediatric Associates is meeting so many doctors who trained with you -- both general pediatricians and subspecialists.

    Three factors have kept Pediatric Associates growing:

    1. The true dedication of the providers to the patients and the offices' efficiency
    2. The continuous update and standardization of patient care throughout all the Pediatric Associate offices
    3. The continuous self-evaluation amongst the providers themselves as well as the diversity of committees which contribute to the overall improvement of the practice

    My advice to new providers: this job is demanding, but it will bring you real satisfaction. Pediatric Associates offers its practitioners various opportunities to remain updated on standard of care. Team support is always available. A practitioner is able to grow his own practice independently of other providers depending on his/her efficiency. And finally, the leadership of the company is exemplary in encouraging the core values of the company amongst all its employees.

  • Dr. Rocio Arguello

    I trained at Miami Children's for residency. I had my now five year old daughter in my second year of residency. I remember coming home one night after a very long day of seeing nothing but very sick children and realizing around 7 pm that my then nine month old daughter was inconsolable. We called to see if Pediatric Associates was opened at that time of night, and they took her in. It was such a relief to come back home about an hour and a half later with antibiotics in hand for a terrible ear infection. It was at that time that I realized I wanted to work with them.

  • Dr. Jacob Seligsohn

    I love the overall work atmosphere as well as my fellow colleagues and staff. Makes coming to work with a smile quite easy.

    I love the fact that we can offer the highest quality of medical care to our patients, especially given our extended office hours and onsite lab/x-ray.

    If someone asked me about working here, I would tell them that it's the best career choice I made and I've never looked back.

    In my community, I am treated with the utmost respect and garner a tremendous amount of recognition wherever I go. All of the hard work that we do on a daily basis surely does not go unrecognized in our community.

  • Abigail Lee, ARNP

    My most pleasant surprise about working about Pediatric Associates was joining a professional "family" in which every individual is treated as an equal no matter their level of education.

  • Dr. Philip Chang

    The best part of my job is watching my patients and their families grow. The ability to have continuity with my patients and to be their pediatrician for the past 6 years has allowed me to develop an incredible bond and a sense of trust with them. I can sometimes hardly believe the child in front of me was just a newborn a few years ago and that I've seen them for most of their visits.

    My EHR trainer position has allowed me to visit every office at Pediatric Associates and meet most providers. It's exciting to introduce them to our new EHR system and show them all the new ways that it can help them provide better and more efficient care.

    Our families realize that we are always accessible to provide care to their children. They really do appreciate that.

  • Dr. Ann Margaret Villar

    One of the best parts of being a Pediatric Associate Provider is that you do not have to worry about any part of the business aspect of the medical office and you only to have to focus on patient care. This allows a provider to practice stress free quality-based medicine.

    I started with Pediatric Associates straight out of residency, and I have been here ever since. What I like best is the camaraderie that exists among all the physicians. If I ever have a question or concern I know I can count on one of the other providers to help me out.

    My most pleasant surprise when I joined was that when I had to take call I was actually able to sleep. Most nights I wasn't called at all.

    I think Pediatric Associates has thrived for fifty years because everyone in the company truly believes that every child should have compassionate, quality care.

  • Dr. Estela Arambulo Rabin

    Who you are today may not be who you are tomorrow. You need a place where you can grow and learn as a physician -- no matter what stage you are in your career -- in a financially stable, forward-thinking practice. One of the greatest surprises to me was how willing Pediatric Associates is to adapt to the changing healthcare environment, to assimilate best practices, to adjust to the workplace. Whatever your passion -- clinical protocols, community involvement, mentorship -- there is a way to express yourself at Pediatric Associates.

    It is rare to be able to honestly say that you love what you do. It is even more rare to be surrounded by people who also love what they do. That is the kind of work environment you want -- managers who take pride in their office, front office and clinical staff who, whether they started with us 40 years ago or forty days ago, try to help the patients get the care they need, because that is what we expect from them and ourselves. We all share a goal -- keeping the children in our community as safe and healthy as we can.

  • Dr. Janet Kowalski

    I have been with Pediatric Associates for about a month now. I have already been made to feel like a very welcome part of this family. Everyone I have interacted with, from the other providers to the medical assistants to the company management, seems to truly enjoy their job and take pride in their work. It is a pleasure working alongside these people.

    There is a definite focus on quality care here, with committees to help keep providers up-to-date on the latest evidence-based guidelines and case managers to help educate patients. I believe that Pediatric Associates wants to help me to be the best pediatrician I can be.

  • Dr. Lisa Simons

    I am proud to be a member of a group that prides itself in providing great medical care to the community. This group provides me with the most up-to-date practice guidelines to help me better care for my patients. Our health care providers practice the best quality of medicine and this is because of PA's commitment to education.

    Everyday I get to be a role model for my patients. I feel so fortunate to be an intimate part of a child's life from birth until adulthood, not only maintaining their physical health but also hopefully helping their parents mold them into successful young adults.

    PA is a company with many years of success in pediatric medicine. The employees job is secure and advancement in the company is available. Each employee is part of a family network within the office and within the organization. Everyone has a voice and the company strives to maximize employee satisfaction.

    I am part of a team that provides excellent medical care to the families of Wellington. We not only treat illness but concentrate on educating families on prevention of disease and injury. We are available to our families 7 days a week 365 days a year. That is a sacrifice we are proud to make in order to provide for our community and our patients appreciate it greatly.

  • Dr. Michael Sonenblum

    What do you like about working for Pediatric Associates? Schedule; benefits; support services; compensation; advancement.

    How is it rewarding to you? Allows me to practice as part of a group that continues to grow, adapt to a changing healthcare environment, and provide quality care.

    If you were encouraging someone to consider a position with your team, what would you tell them? That hard work pays off; that our "culture" can help guide one to and through a rewarding career working with children.

    How does the work you do impact the community you live and work in? I think it helps members of the community feel secure about their children's health, and know that they don't have to be near a tertiary care center, or a dedicated children's hospital, to have their needs met.

  • Dr. Lawrence Garter

    What do you like about working for Pediatric Associates? Many things including: the team approach- I can always ask my colleagues for an opinion or help. The stability - my schedule and my finances are solid and predictable. Pride in patient care/service- With our emphasis on quality, I think our patients get the best care and service possible in an outpatient setting

    How is it rewarding to you? I get enough smiles, hugs and thank you's to make every day feel like I did something worthwhile

    If you were encouraging someone to consider a position with your team, what would you tell them? If you would like a rewarding challenge and a great career, this is your place to come.

    How does the work you do impact the community you live and work in? Our work involves a lot of children in state care and foster care. Getting these children the appropriate care, that may have been neglected, is the most rewarding of things we do to help our community

  • Dr. Susan Leitner

    What do you like about working for Pediatric Associates? I love the team spirit. It is a pleasure to work with people in all different roles sharing the same goal = the care of our children.

    How is it rewarding to you? We really get to make a difference every day in the lives of our patients and their families.

    If you were encouraging someone to consider a position with your team, what would you tell them? Pediatric Associates is a place that you can continue to grow and evolve as a physician and a human being.

    How does the work you do impact the community you live and work in? My work allows me to become an integral part of my community. I really feel that I have become a special part of the schools, religious institutions, and the overall neighborhood where I live.

  • Dr. Arthur Dechovitz

    What do you like about working for Pediatric Associates? Exceeding cordial medical colleagues, staff and administration all providing very high quality services for the children of this community.


    How is it rewarding to you? Extremely rewarding If you were encouraging someone to consider a position with your team, what would you tell them? PA represents what I believe will be the best of future pediatric care.

    How does the work you do impact the community you live and work in? The families we see feel a since of enfranchise, increased self-worth, and safety for their children in the belief that highest quality medical care is being provided.


    What do you like about working for Pediatric Associates? Outstanding support and organization, amazingly efficient for the delivery of pediatric primary care

    How is it rewarding to you? Professionally I believe I am practice the medicine of my career and being part of such a large organization conveys to me a sense of job security with amazing benefits.

    If you were encouraging someone to consider a position with your team, what would you tell them? Joining the Pediatric Associates family will be the best decision you will be making in your professional life. If you are about service to children and their families Pediatric Associates is the vehicle to realize your potential.

    How does the work you do impact the community you live and work in? Being part of Pediatric Associates has allowed me to contribute to my community by servicing the families with a family first mindset. I hope that over time this will become the standard everybody expect leading to a healthier stronger community.