pediatric doctors onboarding new colleague

Onboarding Made Easy

To make sure your transition is as smooth as possible, we provide a 4-week orientation to provide you with everything you'll need to succeed. Our commitment to your education, and success starts Day One. We believe in life-long learning and education which is why we sponsor free online CME courses. You can also earn CME credits by attending training similar to Grand Rounds at the end of each quarter. Our onboarding program includes:

  • Comprehensive Full Orientation to Office Protocols, Referral Sources, Network Supports and Performance Expectation (4 weeks)
  • Provider Shadowing and EMR scribing
  • Schedule System Training


Onboarding Basics

Onboarding Experience

physician using a tablet

EHR (Electronic Health Records)

Rather than using traditional (and limited) electronic medical records (EMRs), we use more comprehensive electronic health records (EHRs). EHRs focus more on a patients' overall health and well-being. They are more beneficial than EMRs in many ways:

  • All the information collected and entered is easily shared with every health care provider in real-time over a secure network
  • Primary care physicians can transfer a patients' complete record to anyone and everyone who requires it at the same time
  • Even patients are allowed to access their information as well as lab results and notes