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At Pediatric Associates, we got into the pediatric game because we love working with the younger crowd. That being said, we admit that everyone has their favorite age group-and their least favorite. Check out some of the pros and cons about every magical stage of young life here.



That newborn smell. You get to see them a few days out of the hospital, and they still smell amazing.

Gummy smiles. Aren't they just the sweetest?

Downy little heads. They're scientifically proven to be the softest things ever-whether they have a full head of hair or just a few wisps.

Chubby cheeks and legs. Those rolls go away...but we almost wish they didn't!


long term bond


Surprise weaponized diapers. Get used to interesting shades of yellow and green. Accessorize accordingly.

Unexpected kung-fu kicks. They're stronger than they look, and you may be caught by surprise!

Inability to turn the volume down. You'll be begrudgingly impressed with their lungs.

That really pitiful face they make after shots. You're helping them stay why do you feel like such a monster?


Their little personalities. You get to see them becoming little people, and it's a blast!

The toddler giggle. It's truly infectious and can make a hard day easier. All you need is a silly face.

Toddler nonsense conversations. The things they say are absolutely hilarious.

Constant wonder. Everything is magical to a toddler, which can make you look at things a little differently, too.


long term bond


Their little personalities. (Yes they're also a con). Sometimes little buddies can turn into little stinkers really quickly.

Toddler tantrums. You thought babies were loud? You were so innocent then. Get ready for meltdowns.

Iffy progress on potty training. Parents are in varying stages of managing numbers 1 and sometimes there are unwelcome surprises.


The benefits of education. Some of your patients are becoming little smarty-pants, which means they'll probably start getting your jokes.

Relationships.They remember you, so you can actually form more of a bond with them.

More opportunities to shine. These guys and gals are out there breaking arms, getting sick with all sorts of illnesses, and providing you with plenty of chances to show off your med-school knowledge.


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School germs. The plague lives at schools, and you'll probably see kids get sick with all sorts of unfortunate, highly-infectious stuff.

Lice. This one is self-explanatory.

Bodily functions. They're at that age where farts and burps are funny-not embarrassing. Get ready.


Lot of growth and change. This age comes with lots of transitions, and it can be really neat to see it happen.

Sensitivity. They're smarter and older, but they still need the comfort of reassuring adults. It can actually be very sweet.

Developing identities. These guys and gals are learning who they want to be, are developing hobbies, and are becoming interesting. It's fun to meet them.


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Body odor It really kicks off in unexpected ways in this age group. Beware of armpits.

Awkwardness Your patient who was once a chatty third grader may now be as silent as a mouse. They can be a little emotionally fragile, to say the least.

Puberty's beginnings. You remember how brutal this was for your mental health and physical comfort. It hits your patients hard, too.


The cool factor. These guys let you know what you've lost touch with and keep you on your toes.

Stoic behavior. Your average teen wants to put on a brave face at a medical appointment, which means less drama for you.

A sense of pride. If you've come up with your teens all the way from babyhood, you will have seen them grow into near-adults ready to take on the world. How satisfying!


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The cool factor (a double-edged sword). You will feel uncool, old, and potentially dorky when talking to these patients. Just roll with it.

"I'm too old for a pediatrician." What a punch in the gut! You spent all that time learning about teenage physiology and health, and they act like they'd rather just go to a GP.

Smartphone-itis. Are they ever going to put that thing down? It used to be nice to look them in the face during visits.

long term bond

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